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Auszug aus Wilhelm Hauff: Der junge Engländer
Aus: Der Scheik von Alessandra und seine Sklavenwilhelm hauff Wilhelm Hauff
   Setzten sich dann der Bürgermeister und der Doktor in ihrem Zorn, den sie nicht laut werden lassen durften, zu einer Partie Schach, so rückte der Neffe hinzu, schaute dem Bürgermeister mit seiner großen Brille über die Schulter herein und tadelte diesen oder jenen Zug, sagte dem Doktor, so und so müsse er ziehen, so daß beide Männer heimlich ganz grimmig wurden. Bot ihm dann der Bürgermeister ärgerlich eine Partie an, um ihn gehörig mattzusetzen, so schnallte der alte Herr dem Neffen die Halsbinde fester zu, worauf dieser ganz artig und manierlich wurde und den Bürgermeister mattsetzte.
Zitat aus Siri Hustvedt: What I Loved
Hustvedt Rezension
   Mark learned chess fast. He was a nimble and intelligent player, and his ability excited me. I told him the truth: not only did he understand the moves, but he had the unruffled demeanor necessary to play well, that calculated indifference I had never mastered but which could unnerve even a superior opponent. As my enthusiasm waxed, however, Mark's waned. I told him he should join the chess team at school, and he said that he would look into it, but I don't believe he ever did. I sensed that he was humoring me rather than pleasing himself, and I tactfully withdrew. If he wants to play, I said to Bill, he can ask. He never asked. (S. 156-157)
Beginn der Short Story: W. W. Jacobs: "The Monkey's Paw"
Jacobs Rezension
Without, the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlour of Laburnum villa the blinds were drawn and the fire burned brightly. Father and son were at chess; the former, who posessed ideas about the game involving radical chances, putting his king into such sharp and unnecessary perils that it even provoked comment from the white-haired old lady knitting placidly by the fire.

„Hark at the wind,“ said Mr. White, who, having seen a fatal mistake after it was too late, was amiably desirous of preventing his son from seeing it.

„I'm listening,“ said the latter grimly surveying the board as he streched out his hand. „Check.“

„I should hardly think that he's come tonight,“ said his father, with his hand poised over the board.

„Mate,“ replied the son. (S. 180)
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