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Nathaniel Hawthorne

* 4. Juli 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts; † 19. Mai 1864 in Plymouth, New Hampshire
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* 4. Juli 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts
† 19. Mai 1864 in Plymouth, New Hampshire

Herman Melville
über Nathaniel Hawthorne: „Even his bright gildings play upon the edges of thunder-clouds.”

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Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter [Der scharlachrote Buchstabe]

Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Elbert, Monika. (2004): „The Surveillance of Woman’s Body in Hawthorne’s Short Stories”. Women’s Studies 33, S. 23-46.

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Hawthorne HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne: Collected Novels (LOA #10): The Scarlet Letter / The House of Seven Gables / The Blithedale Romance / Fanshawe / The Marble Faun. Library of America, 1983. Gebunden, 1272 Seiten
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HawthorneRichard H. Brodhead: The School of Hawthorne. New York: Oxford University Press 1990. Taschenbuch, 270 Seiten

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