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Jack London
12. Januar 1876 San Francisco – 22. November 1916 Glen Ellen, Kalifornien
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London Burning Daylight [Lockruf des Goldes]
London To Build a Fire and Other Stories
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LondonJack London, by a group of German Jack London afficionados and experts, along with direct descendants of Jack London and other members of Jack London's family
LondonThe Jack London Online Collection
LondonThe World of Jack London
LondonWerke online, Projekt Gutenberg
LondonThe Complete Short Stories of Jack London
LondonJack London's Writings
LondonHendricks, King (1966): "Jack London: Master Craftsman of the Short Story". USU Faculty Honor Lectures. Paper 29.
LondonJoseph Sciambra: "The Philosophy of Jack London"
LondonCurriculum Materials Contributed by Teachers
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Higginson, Ian N. (1998): “Jack London’s Klondike speculation: capitalist critique and the sled as heterotopia in »The call of the wild«”. Polar Record 34, S. 317-332.
Hopkins, Lisa (2003): “Jack London's Evolutionary Hierarchies: Dogs, Wolves, and Men”.
In: Lois A. Cuddy, Claire M. Roche, Hg.: Evolution and Eugenics in American Literature and Culture, 1880-1940: Essays on Ideological Conflict and Complicity. Bucknell UP, 2003.  S. 89-101.
Kratzke, Peter (1995): “Jack London’s Optimistic View of the Law: A Reading of »The Son of the Wolf«”. Studies in Short Fiction 32:1, S. 67-74.
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Williams, James (1991): “The Composition of Jack London’s Writings”. American Literary Realism, 1870-1910 23:2, S. 64-86.
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