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Mavis Gallant
* 11 August 1922, Montreal, Kanada – Gallant Rezensionen Gallant LinksGallant Literatur
„Gallant is a writer that dazzles us with her command of the language, her innovative use of narrative forms, the acuity of her intelligence, and the incisiveness of her wit. Yet she also disconcerts us with her insistence on the constrictions and limitations that dominate human experience. She is a writer who must be savoured in small doses: reading the entirety of her fiction can be like downing a bottle of the findest vinegar.“
S. viii, Janice Kulyk Keefer: Reading Mavis Gallant. Toronto: Oxford UP, 1989.
Mavis Gallant: „I'm anti-military to the bottom of my heart.“, S. 8
Gallant Mavis Gallant: The Selected Stories of Mavis Gallant
Mavis Gallant: GallantBritannicaGallantRea AwardGallantWikipedia
Gallant weitere Autoren
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