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Short Story
Raymond Carver, Tom Jenks, Hg.: American Short Story Masterpieces
New York: Dell, 1989. Taschenbuch, 512 Seiten – Raymond Carver LinksRaymond Carver Literatur
Enthält diese 36 Kurzgeschichten:
  • James Baldwin: Sonny's blues
  • Ann Beattie: Weekend – The New Yorker Stories
  • Gina Berriault: The bystander
  • Vance Bourjaily: The Amish farmer
  • Richard Brautigan: 1/3, 1/3, 1/3
  • Harold Brodkey: Verona: a young woman speaks
  • Carol Bly: Talk of heroes
  • Raymond Carver: Fever
  • Evan S. Connell: The fisherman from Chihuahua
  • Frank Conroy: Midair
  • E.L. Doctorow: Willi
  • Andre Dubus: The fat girl
  • Stanley Elkin: A poetics for bullies
  • Richard Ford: Rock springs
  • Tess Gallagher: The lover of horses
  • John Gardner: Redemption
  • Gail Godwin: Dream children
  • Lawrence Sargent Hall: The ledge
  • Barry Hannah: Water liars
  • Mark Helprin: Letters from the Samantha
  • Ursula K. Le Guin: Ile forest
  • Bernard Malamud: The magic barrel
  • Bobbie Ann Mason: Shiloh
  • James Alan McPherson: The story of a scar
  • Leonard Michaels: Murderers – The Collected Stories
  • Arthur Miller: The misfits
  • Joyce Carol Oates: Where are you going, where have you been?
  • Flannery O'Connor: A good man is hard to find – A Good Man Is Hard to Find u.a.
  • Grace Paley: The used-boy raisers – Collected Stories
  • Jayne Anne Phillips: The heavenly animal
  • David Quammen: Walking out
  • Philip Roth: The conversion of the Jews
  • James Salter: Akhnilo
  • John Updike: The Christian roommates – The Collected Stories
  • Joy Williams: The wedding
  • Tobias Wolff: The liar
Bei der alphabetischen Einordnung von Carol Bly hatte jemand Blei in den Augen.

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Short Story
Short Story
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Carver Short StoryRaymond Carver, Tom Jenks, Hg.: American Short Story Masterpieces. New York: Dell, 1989. Taschenbuch, 512 Seiten
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Short Story
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