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Ernest Hemingway:
The Collected Stories + The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

James Fenton, Hg. Everyman's Library 1995. Gebunden, 788 Seiten +
Scribner Book Company, 1998. Taschenbuch, 672 Seiten – hemingway Linkshemingway Literatur

Hemingway Der Wermutstropfen zuerst: es gibt keine wirklich komplette Sammlung der Kurzgeschichten Hemingways.
Wer möglichst alles will, greife zu James Fenton, Hg.: The Collected Stories. Die 1987 erstmals erschienene Finca Vigia Edition – benannt nach Hemingways Haus in Kuba – enthält drei Stories, auf die Fenton verzichtet; dazu unten mehr.
Daher hier ein – wie ich hoffe – erhellender Vergleich der beiden Sammlungen. In der ersten Spalte The Collected Stories, die weitgehend chronologisch sortiert sind. Die Reihenfolge in den Complete Short Stories (zweite Spalte) weicht davon ab.
The Collected Stories The Complete Short Stories
Hemingway Hemingway
James Fenton: Introduction John, Patrick, Gregory Hemingway: Foreword (1987)
Select Bibliography Charles Scribner Jr.: Publisher's Preface
Chronology Ernest Hemingway: Preface to "The First Forty-nine" (1938)
* From Three Stories and Ten Poems (1923)
Up in Michigan (1923, revised 1938)
in our time (1924) fehlt
* In Our Time (1925 and 1930)

On the Quai at Smyrna (1930)
'Everybody was drunk ...' (1924)
Indian Camp (1924)
'Minarets stuck up ...' (1924)
The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife (1924)
'We were in a garden at Mons ...' (1924)
The End of Something (1925)
'It was a frightfully hot day ...' (1925)
The Three-Day Blow (1925)
'They shot the six ... ' (1924)
The Battler (1925)
'Nick sat against the wall ...' (1924)
A Very Short Story (1924)
'While the bombardment ...' (1924)
Soldier's Home (1925)
'At two o'clock ...' (1924)
The Revolutionist (1924)
'The first matador ...' (1924)
Mr. And Mrs. Elliot (1924–5)
'They whack-whacked the white horse ...' (1924)
Cat in the Rain (1925)
'The crowd shouted ...' (1924)
Out of Season (1923)
'If it happened right down ...' (1924)
Cross-Country Snow (1924)
'I heard the drums ...' (1924)
My Old Man (1923)
'Maera lay still ...' (1924)
Big Two-Hearted River, Part I (1925)
'They hanged Sam Cardinella ...' (1924)
Big Two-Hearted River, Part II (1925)

* Men Without Women (1927)
The Undefeated (1925-6)
In Another Country (1927)

hemingway Hills Like White Elephants (1927)
The Killers (1927)
Che Ti Dice La Patria? (1927)
Fifty Grand (1927)
A Simple Enquiry (1927)
Ten Indians (1927)
A Canary for One (1927)

hemingway An Alpine Idyll (1927)
A Pursuit Race (1927)
Today is Friday (1926)
Banal Story (1926)
Now I Lay Me (1927)

* Winner Take Nothing (1933)
After the Storm (1932)
hemingway A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (1933)
The Light of the World (1933)
God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen (1933)
The Sea Change (1931)
A Way You'll Never Be (1933)
The Mother of a Queen (1933)
One Reader Writes (1933)

hemingway Homage to Switzerland (1933)
A Day's Wait (1933)
A Natural History of the Dead (1932)
Wine of Wyoming (1930)
The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio (1933)
Fathers and Sons (1933)

* Stories from The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories (1938)
The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber (1936)
The Capital of the World (1936)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1936)
Old Man at the Bridge (1938)

* Uncollected stories published in Hemingway's lifetime
The Denunciation (1938)
The Butterfly and the Tank (1938)
Night Before Battle (1939)
Under the Ridge (1939)
Nobody Ever Dies (1939)
The Good Lion (1951)
The Faithful Bull (1951)

hemingwayA Man of the World (1957)
Get a Seeing-Eyed Dog (1957)
* Drafts and fragments first published in The Nick Adams Stories (1972)
Three Shots
The Indians Moved Away
The Last Good Country
Crossing the Mississippi
Night Before Landing
Summer People
Wedding Day
On Writing
* First published in The Complete Short Stories (1987)
A Train Trip
The Porter
Black Ass at the Crossroads
Landscape with Figures
I Guess Everything Reminds You of Something
Great News from the Mainland
The Strange Country

* Juvenilia and Pre-Paris Stories
Judgment of Manitou (1916)
A Matter of Colour (1916)
Sepi Jingan (1916)
The Mercenaries (1985)
Crosroads – an Anthology (1985)
Portrait of the Idealist in Love (1985)
The Ash Heel's Tendon (1985)
The Current (1985)

* From To Have and Have Not
fehlt (*)
fehlt (*)
One Trip Across (1934)
The Tradesman's Return (1936)
* From The Garden of Eden (1986)
fehlt (*) An African Story
(*) diese 3 Stories fehlen in The Collected Stories, unter anderen Gründen da sie in die jeweiligen Romane aufgenommen wurden und dort verfügbar sind.
HemingwayThe Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
HemingwayErnest Hemingway: The Collected Stories
hemingway Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and The Sea
KurzgeschichteKurzgeschichtensammlungen und Besprechungen
KurzgeschichteAusgewählte Links zur Kurzgeschichte
hemingway Zitate von Ernest Hemingway
Die Bibliografie zu Hemingways Short Stories füllt alleine wieder Bücher. Hier kann ich nur eine kleine Auswahl geben.
Abouddahab, Rédouane (2007): "Bibliography". Journal of the Short Story in English 49
Beegel, Susan F., Hg.: Hemingway's Neglected Short Fiction: New Perspectives. Ann Arbor, UMI Research, 1989.
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Smith, Paul (1989): A Reader's Guide to the Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. Boston, Mass. 407 Seiten
Wright, Austin McGiffert (1961): The American Short Story in the Twenties. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. S. 370-373.
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Hemingway HemingwayErnest Hemingway: The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. Scribner Book Company, 1998. Taschenbuch, 672 Seiten Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway: The Collected Stories. James Fenton, Hg. Everyman's Library 1995. Gebunden, 788 Seiten hemingway
Beegel HemingwaySusan F. Beegel: Hemingway’s Neglected Short Fiction. New Perspectives. Tuscaloosa: University Alabama, 1991. Taschenbuch, 392 Seiten

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